Welcome to BASE6

This is our story

“We are passionate about designing and manufacturing the best LED lighting products in the game, with pricing that makes them available to everyone. –  Andrew (Owner and Director BASE6)


BASE6 is an Australian company founded in 2013, who specializes in LED technology. The company focuses on the reliability and lifespan of its products, ensuring a quality product for the end-user. BASE6 was originally designed to meet the needs of Australians when it comes to lighting, but has since expanded into other markets such as emergency services all across Australia.

LEDs are the future. Since 2013, there were many companies that have only cared about cutting corners and reducing costs – but not us! We pivoted in the direction of quality instead of looking for ways to save money on manufacturing processes or equipment, our story really starts here .

BASE6 is a company with the motto: “Quality products with a reliable and long life span at competitive prices.”
We aim to create LED lights and products that can live up to this philosophy, we want our products to be compact and durable so you can rely on them when it matters most!

Whether you’re looking for Work Lights, LED Lightbars or even just an emergency handheld light – BASE6 has something for your needs. All of our lights are fully waterproof and many of them have an integrated IP Rating that betters the competition.

Our flagship LED Driving light called the P7 was built from the ground up to be water-resistant, Bright and easy to install, the P7 range has been designed for maximum efficiency and durability – leading us to win multiple government contracts to supply these to frontline staff.