Camping LED Lights Buying Guide

Imagine a world where you can have the perfect light for any occasion. Whether it’s to cook by, read by or just relax in after dark – we’ve got your back! Check out these awesome LED lights from BASE6 that will be sure make life easier on those late night camping trips with friends…

BASE6 Rigid LED Strip Lights

The BASE6 LED Rigid Strip Lights are designed for use in a range of applications, including camping and outdoor use. The lights come with a L shape mounting plates on the ends, and can be mounted in any application. They are made from durable aluminium and have an IP67 rating, making them waterproof and dustproof. The lights provide bright, white or amber light and operate on just 12 volts DC.

BASE6 D2 Cube Work Lights

Keep your campsite lit with the latest in LED Flood Lighting – The BASE6 D2 LED work lights! Choose from spot, flood or the ultra difussed flood models, then pair it up to one of three covers: black transparent for reduced brightness and lens protection or the transparent yellow if you want a warmer light (Great for bugs too).

The D2 LED work lights are a must for your next camping trip. With three different variants and covers to match the mood, it’s easy to find one that suits you best!

BASE6 Rock Lights (White & Amber) 

You’ll find these are perfect for every occasion. Whether you need to illuminate your ute tub, under an awning or in camp itself we’ve got one that will suit whatever setting! Choose between 2700k amber and 5700k white so there is no dull moment when it comes time for setup this summer

BASE6 Rock Lights (RGB) 

Talking about Rock Lights, our RGB series are also a major hit for camping in style. And for good reason too! With Bluetooth connectivity on your smartphone, simply hit your favorite tunes and watch your campsite come to life!

BASE6 K210 Twin Shot Work Lights

If you’re looking for a Twin Shot LED Work light that offers plenty of illumination with an excellent spread visibility, then look no further than the K210 Series. This workhorse packs two powerful LEDs in each head and can be used on any task or playtime activity!


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