70 Series Landcruiser LED Lighting Upgrade

Today we dive into Daniel’s 70 Series Landcruiser build. This was a recent build that we completed in joint effort with OzLED a Major Distributor for BASE6, this package was to set Daniel up for the perfect offroad experience!

It’s safe to assume that Daniel was scared of the dark before this build.. Because, DAM! Its like turning on the sun Infront of this rig now that’s its been fitted with BASE6 lighting.  

We started with LED headlights, LED fog lights and LED work lights. This combination provided Daniel with excellent visibility both on and off the road. We then added LED daytime running lights for added safety and style. We then focused on producing a huge amount of light to the front when offroad. Finally, we installed some LED tail lights from OzLED for a complete LED lighting solution. Thanks to our LED lighting, Daniel can now enjoy his Landcruiser safely and in style! 

Let’s break down what went into this build.


To kick off this list we start with a basic LED headlight globe replacement using our BASE6 Prototype H4 Bulbs.  These unreleased LED Bulb replacements come conveniently with copper tail heatsinks that are left exposed inside the engine bay for maximum airflow. This also increases the ability to fit the BASE6 LED Bulbs to a wide variety of vehicles where space is limited. In the case of the 70 Series Landcruiser, we opted to leave the tails exposed to allow easy airflow to keep the lights cool. This simple 5 minute upgrade has given Daniel’s 70 Series Landcruiser the much needed low and high beam upgrade at night. – We recommend understanding any ADR or State Regulations when fitting LED Bulbs.

Next, we moved onto updating the 70 Series Landcruiser indicators with some high output LED Bulbs. From factory the standard Toyota bulbs are something we would compare to that of a small candle… Even that’s giving it more credit than its worth. In went our BASE6 BA15S LED Bulbs for an instant increase in light visibility! Just look at the difference.


Ever struggled to read a map at night? Finding that lost coin as your driving through Maccas? Lets be honest, the halogen interior lights are not great. That’s why a hugely popular upgrade for the 70 Series Landcruiser is upgrading the interior lighting to LED. Using our high output BASE6 T10/T15 LED Bulbs we managed to double the cab lighting at night, making everything easier (No missing out on that 50c Maccas cone).


Coming into this build, Daniel had very little in the way of Auxiliary lighting on the front of the vehicle. We turned night into day using our BASE6 LUX Series 8.5 Spot Lights. These include high output side shooting LED’s that increase the flood to a whopping 180 degree’s! In addition, we paired this with fitting out a SR Series 20” Lightbar into the existing the ARB bulbar, and a MASSIVE 50” curved LED Lightbar fitted to the newly supplied OCAM roof rack.  


This ones for those that like to do a bit of work around their 4×4 at night. Whether it’s setting up camp or changing a tyre in the middle of nowhere, we know all too well how useful LED side work lights can be. For this, we opted for a set of our 3″ CUBE Series Work Lights on either side. These are conveniently mounted on an adjustable swivel bracket, making it perfect for any application! These LED lights offer a huge amount of light output and are sure to come in handy when Daniel is getting his hands dirty at night.


For the rear of the vehicle, we opted for our 3″ Cube Light Series LED Work Lights. These are a super popular choice and with good reason, they offer an insane amount of light output! Not to mention that they look great too. These LED work lights have been mounted on an adjustable swivel bracket making it perfect for any application.


This one is for those that like to get a little bit adventurous with their 4×4. RGB LED rock lights are the perfect addition for any off-road enthusiast, and we had just the thing to set this 70 Series Landcruiser apart. Our BASE6 LED Rock Lights are super bright and offer a wide range of colour outputs. With a simple ‘plug and play’ installation, these LED lights sure make Daniel’s rig look TUFF!

Closing out this post, we are super proud of how well this rig turned out! We cant wait to see some fantastic content from Daniel going forward.


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