Our new branding is here: The story behind the evolution

Say hello to the new BASE6! Today we are excited to announce our new logo and brand identity. This is not just a change in our look. This is the result of months of hard work and iteration, during which we reflected on who we are and what our purpose as a company is.

Our new 2022 BASE6 branding

During these past years BASE6 has grown as a brand going through a path of transformation, learnings and evolution. We are extremely proud of the products we have built, of our footprint in the industry and we are committed to the customers we serve. 

But some time ago we started noticing  that something was still missing. Our brand identity was not keeping pace with the evolution of our products or with our target audiance.

We also realized that we didn’t have a clear line that would define our visual style. We were lacking coherence between our products and our points of content (website, social media, blog, etc.).

See below how our logo and visual identity has evolved with the new and improved brand identity:

Branding comparision of the old (Left) and new brand logos (Right)

Rethinking ourselves

When facing this process, millions of doubts arose. What is our purpose as a brand? Where do we stand and where do we want to go? How do we want to be perceived?

In order to build a brand and identity that would represent us best as a team, we invited members from the different areas (Sales, Marketing, Product, Finance), so that each one could contribute with their point of view.

Little by little we began to answer address our branding identity. 

Rediscovering BASE6

We talked about our vision. About our history and our core values. About the reasons why our customers continue to choose BASE6 products over the compitition and finally how we want to be percieved into the future. In the end, we landed on our new BASE6 concept of a modern, progressive and performance driven brand that is focused on bringing quality products to the market.

With the new concept in mind, this led us to review our communications: instead of focusing just on product features, we are now focusing more on our purpose: to power our customers offroad experience! We are building technology to help consumers take their next offroad trip to the next level.

The next step was to make a visual change that reflected this new mindset. We started with our logo and how it could communicate our concept.

We also re-defined the visual language of our content internally and external. We unified styles across Product, Socials and Web. We gave our general brand image a fresher look, with deeper contrasts and better spacings. We also fine-tuned a lot of small details and will keep doing it.

All this process brought even more ideas to our minds. We now have a clear definition of who we are and what we stand for.

We are just getting started. And we couldn’t be more excited!




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